Booking Your Newborn’s First Photo Session – What to Expect










When should I book?

A newborn photo session should take place within 10 days of birth. During this time, babies still sleep soundly and are fairly flexible, thus we are able to get those cute peaceful ‘squishy’ poses.

How to schedule?

It is important to book your session as soon as possible, so we have plenty of time to plan for a successful session. We will book the Wednesday closest to your due-date and adjust the date once baby arrives.

Feeding baby?

A baby with a full tummy will stay still longer during the photo session. Expect to feed the baby immediately before we begin and possibly once during the session.


If we take photos in your home, keep the room relatively warm and consider using a sound-machine or white-noise machine to keep the baby comfortable.

Props, blankets, hats?

Do not feel the need to purchase special props or clothes for the photo session. I have an assortment of props that I bring with me. If there is a special blanket or stuffed animal or something similar, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan for a complimentary color scheme.

Keeping Baby Safe?

As a nurse and a Mom, safety is my absolute top priority. All props are kept clean and washed. Personally, I maintain vaccinations that are up-to-date and wash my hands before handling baby. Not all babies will want to hold a pose. I always practice baby-led posing and would never ‘force’ a baby into a pose.

**Please feel free to share any ideas or images you have in mind before the photo session. I am a huge proponent of idea-sharing and style-boards! I love seeing everyone’s unique style.

Please contact me with any further questions.

Booking Your Newborn’s First Photo Session – What to Expect
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