Milestone Minis

So many parents ask me, “when is the best time for a baby portrait session?” Honestly, this is difficult to answer. There is no one-session that is better than the rest. So, why pick one session when you can have four sessions throughout baby’s first year — from ten tiny newborn toes to first smiles and steps!

But investing in a professional photo session every 2-3 months can really add up. We know you have other things to buy like diapers and onesies. So, here’s your solution! By investing in a year of Milestone Minis, you get 4 shorter sessions for the price of two full-sessions. And the absolute best part is you will have an entire gallery of photos from baby’s first year to share with family & friends!

I’ve done a lot of soul searching about how to better meet the needs of my clients. I have talked with other photographers, surveyed previous clients and noted keys to success with baby sessions. Two facts have resonated with me…..

  1. Babies change so much during the first year and they change fast! Photography is the best way to capture this amazing time.
  2. Babies don’t necessarily need a full 2-3 hour photo session. Most babies (and Moms) only need about 45 minutes to really capture the portraits that become keepsakes and are either displayed in the home or a photo album.

…So….beginning in 2017…..I am offering clients a year of mini photo sessions! We’ll call them Milestone Minis!

How do Milestone Mini’s work?

Review the session descriptions below and you pick the 4 that work best for you. Not sure which sessions you will want? No problem! We’ll schedule your first session based on your due date and go from there. As part of this package, you are guaranteed photo sessions for each milestone. Yes – you will get priority on my calendar!

There is no pressure to buy. In fact, I recommend you wait until the end of the year and then we can look at your favorite heart-fluttering images from each session and plan a wall gallery or even a keepsake album that captures your baby’s growth during their first year of life! Just imagine, you will have the images needed from sessions throughout the year to display in your home!

Share each session in real-time with friends and family. After each session, you will have a link to your baby’s personal gallery. We know how loved ones want to see baby grow too!

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A Milestone Mini Package will include 4 of the following:

Newborn Session Mini

The Newborn session takes place within 10 days of birth. This is the only session that is done in the comfort of your own home. Most new Moms don’t necessarily want to leave home and disrupt the baby’s schedule. There is absolutely no need to clean up or act as a hostess. I bring the studio to you! In fact, once I set up my magically soft light, feel free to take a nap or a shower or whatever you want! Win win! +see my recent post,  Booking Your Newborn’s First Photo Session – what to expect.

Little Smiles Mini – Age 3 to 4 months.

This mini-session is for the young infant who is just starting to engage with the world around him. Such a precious time! Baby can maintain eye contact, hold his head up and even smile a bit. By now, you have your routine down and are accustomed to being out and about with baby. This 45 minute session is done in our studio designed just for little ones!

Sweet Sitters Minis – Age 6-7 months.

These mini-sessions are super fun! Your baby is really interacting with the world now and can sit without assistance! It may be a goofy little tri-pod sitting position, but precious none-the-less and certainly something you want to remember. But it doesn’t last long. Soon enough they will be crawling and ready for their next session.

Little Cruisers Minis – Age 9-10 months.

Age 9-10 months is a sweet stage and literally a stepping stone between 6 months and 1 year. Baby is now standing with support and loves to play and coo! This session could be in studio or outside at a select location (weather permitting).

Baby turns ONE – let’s get moving!

First year photo sessions are so fun! Your little baby is really moving, interacting, and full of energy! There are many options for this age. We can schedule an in-studio cake-smash or a ‘lifestyle’ session at your home or even at your baby’s first birthday party!

** Each booking includes four mini-sessions, an in-person consultation, hand-edited images, and a personal on-line gallery for sharing with friends and family! A deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve your spot on the studio calendar. All deposits are 100% refundable.

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Happy New Year!




Milestone Minis